How To Get High-Quality Email Optins

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Hello my very non-evil marketing minion…

Got a good’un for you right now.

See, a lot of so-called email marketing experts bang on about the size of their email lists.

You’ll see them brag about how many hundreds of thousands of people are on it.

But here’s the thing:

What’s the point in having a big email list if it’s unresponsive?

So instead of worrying about getting a huge email list in terms of numbers, focus on getting a list full of high-quality prospects.

In other words, people who really are potentially interested in buying from you.

So how do you do this?

Good question. One that I’ll now answer:

You see, it mainly comes down to these three things:

1) The “ethical bribe” you’re offering.

2) You squeeze page copy.

3) The “welcome email” you send when people first subscribe to your email list.

Let’s start with the first:

Only offer an ethical bribe which appeals to your target market.

Sounds kinda obvious, but a LOT of people get this wrong.

Clearly this is all about understanding your market and knowing what they want.

Second, you’ve got to make sure the copy on your squeeze page repels “bad” optins, whilst attracting “good” optins.

Mentioning you’ll be sending daily emails is just one way of doing this.

Finally, when people have opted in, you then need to send them a “welcome email” which further repels the “bad” optins (so they unsubscribe), whilst really draws in the “good” ones. These will be the people far more likely to buy from you.

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