5 Easy Ways To Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out

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So you want to make more money with your email marketing?

Stupid question.

‘Course you do.

You’re reading this after all.

And guess what?

Your favourite not-so-cuddly “Maverick Email Marketer” is here to give you a killer email marketing tip so you can do just that.

See, your emails need to stand out from your competitors’.

If they don’t, then you’re just one of the crowd.

And I don’t want any of my not-so-evil email marketing minions to be “just one of the crowd”.

And for your own sake, you don’t want to be either.

So here are 5 dead-easy ways to make your emails stand out like a happy marriage on Game of Thrones.

1) Be yourself

Don’t be anyone you’re not.

Don’t “tone down” your personality in your email marketing.

DO simply act and “talk” like you do in real life.


Because, whilst yes, you will repel certain people, you’ll also attract many others.

Being polarizing isn’t a bad thing at all.

This really is one of the best email marketing tips you can possibly get.

2) Give value

If you’re doing daily email, then you want to make sure you offer value in every single email you send to your email list.

Don’t make it a waste of time for people to read.

Because thou shalt not forgive thee. (Or something like that.)

And you email marketing will stink worse than mouldy cheese.

3) Entertain

“Hell is gone and heaven’s here…

There’s nothing left for you to fear…

Shake your ass come over here…

Now Screeeeam.”

Yes, Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You” should be the official “Email Anthem”.

Keep it in your head when writing to your email list.

4) Have a good email subject line

Mix up the sort of email subject lines you write.

Try writing a “curiosity” subject line one day, a “straight-benefit” one the next, a “controversial” one the next… and so on and so on.

Try to keep them 9 words or less if you can.

5) Don’t forget to pitch

Ask yourself:

Are you selling something that’s gonna make people’s lives better?

‘Course you are.

Therefore, it’s your moral and ethical DUTY to get people to buy your products and services.

And the only way to get people to buy, is to offer them the opportunity to buy in the first place.

So “pitch” in every email you send.

Just make sure you offer value and entertainment first.

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