Are You Using Video On Your Site
To Engage Your Visitors ?
Video Allows You To:
Keep Your Visitor's Attention By Showing Them An Exciting & Informitive Motion Video!
Explain, Inform, & Describe Your Product Or Service With Human Interaction.
Build Trust & Good Will To Make It Easy For Your Visitor To Take Action.
Why Are So Many Marketers Using Web-Site Videos ?
Let's Face It... You Have Just SECONDS To Get Your Visitor's Attention... People Are Captivated By A HUMAN VOICE As Well As A VISUAL EXPERIENCE. They Will STAY LONGER & REMEMBER What They've Heard. This Gives You A FIGHTING CHANCE To GAIN NEW CUSTOMERS & SALES !

Grab Their Attention
With Video & Sound

Visual Human Spokesperson To Appeal To Their Senses

Backround Music... Creates An Exciting Atmosphere

Place An Actual Photo Of Your Business Right Inside The Video
Check Out Some Of The
Videos We Created

For Some Of Our Local Area Businesses...
Web-Site Videos... The BEST R.O.I For Your Business.
Here, Let Me Prove It To You...

OK, you finally have your Awsome Video greeting your visitors when they come to your site. When you think of the cost, remember...Divide the cost of your video by 12, and that's what it really cost per month to have Your Video working for you... And, to make it EVEN BETTER...Now divide the cost by 24, that's the TRUE COST for the 2nd year. Then by 36, then by 48... See What I Mean ?

For Example...If your Web-Site Video cost is $497, the the cost per month for the first year is only $41.41 Now, here's where it gets really interesting.

Remember, your video is working for your business 24/7, each and every day of the year...

So, in the second year, now the TRUE COST of your web-site video is really ONLY $20.71 Per Month ! ( $497 / 24 )

It Get Even Better... For Each & Every Year that goes by, your video's TRUE COST DROPS Substantually... In Your 5th year, now the TRUE COST OF YOUR VIDEO IS ONLY $ 8.28 Per Month!

As You Have Just Seen, Your Web-Site Video is Truely the BEST R.O.I. For YOUR BUSINESS !
Videos Are Cool… But What Else Can I Do To
Attract New Customers?

There are many new & innovative ways to get your new web-site visitors, as well as current & past customers to come back & do business with you...

Use Video To Announce A New Product Or Sale

Use A Coupon Or Discount WIth A Limited Time Offer

Use Video For Holiday Sales & Training Your Customers

Caputure Your Visitors E-Mail To Build Your List
Web-Site Videos Help You With
List Building Too!

Your "Live SpokesPerson Video" can motivate your visitor to :

* Join Your Mailing List
* Click A Link To A Product
* Fill Out A Form
* Demonstrate a concept or product
* Inquire for More Information
* Get their Credit Card & Place an Order
Human SpokesPerson Video
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Avitar SpokesPerson Video
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

it's EASY ...
All we need is some basic information about your business, a general idea of what it is that you want your video to accomplish, and any pictures if you want a backround for your video.

We can create a script for your video, as well as add backround music, along with buttons, opt-in forms, and more to your video.

Generally, your new video should be ready to place on your web-site within 1 week. It will depend on how many items you would like included in your video. If you just need a simple, but very effective video, we can have it ready for you within 48 - 72 hours.
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